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Hair Silk Indian Secrets Hair Mask

Hair Silk Indian Secrets Hair Mask

Hair Silk Indian Secrets Hair Mask is formulated with 5 hair food herbs,  amla powder, reetha powder, shikakai power, brahmi powder, hibiscus powder, amla oil & olive oil which provide antioxidants that strengthen and regenerate the hair follicles promoting growth while helping hair strengthen its elasticity while preventing dandruff can . 

Hair Silk Indian Secrets Hair Mask helps stop breakage and split ends while allowing long healthy hair growth, Hair Silk Indian Secrets Hair Mask provides a rich glow that makes healthy fresh, and radiant hair.

 1. Amla powder

Amala powder is the dried and powdered indian gooseberry. revered in ayurvedic practice,it's been used for thousands of years as one of the most potent and nourishing herbs in India. amla powder naturally supports  healthy, shiney hair and glowing skin.amla fruit powder is one of the best exfoliating agent.

2. Brahmi powder

 Brahmi powder is a well-known promoter of hair growth. when you use brahmi powder for hair care, it strengthens the hair and repairs damaged hair follicles. This herb nourishes the hair preventing hair loss and promotes healthy luxurious hair.

3. Shikakai powder

Shikakai power is a cooling agent and  thus helps soothe the scalp. Shikakai  cleanses the scalp gently and induces sebum  secretion which helps reverse the dryness of the scalp. Shikakai also helps reduce the itchiness and inflammation of the scalp,thushelpingthe scalp.

4. Reetha Power

Reetha power also known as soapnuts, soapberries or washing nuts, have been used to make natural hair care products since time immemorial. This plant is rich in saponin, which makes your hair healthy, shiney, and lustrous when used regularly. so, it's no wonder that soapnuts have been a popular choice for many peoplewho have sensitive skin. when it comes in contact with water, it creates mild suds that resemble soap.

    5. Hibiscus Powder 

    The naturally occurring amino acid in hibiscus flowers provide the hair with nutrients help in promoting hair growth. These amoni acids produce a special kind of structural protein called keratin , Which is the building block of hair. Keratin binds the hair making it less pron to breakage 


    How to Use: Apply mask from root to tips, massage into scalp for one minute, wash out with cool water, Wash and condition  with non chemical shampoo & conditioner.

    Nurture your natural beauty with Hair Silk Indian Secrets Hair Mask.



    Ingredients: amla powder,brahmi powder, shakakai powdet,reetha powder,hibiscus power, amla oil, olive oil.


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