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Bath Silk 24k gold Golden Roze Bath Soak

Our Bellah Roze Bath Silk golden roze is formulated with rosehip oil, pink Himalayan  salt, vitamin e for a soothing relaxing bath that will help you to wash away the stress of the day 

  • It helps boost collagen formation. ...
  • It helps reduce inflammation 
  • It helps reduce hyperpigmentation.
  • Maintain the softness, suppleness, and radiance of the skin.
  • Reduce the appearance of aging, such as premature wrinkles. 
  • Boost immunity.

Bellah Roze bath silk Golden roze bath soak also strengthens and regenerates the skin cells, reducing dark spots while helping even out skin tone, regenerating skin cells.

Bellah Roze bath silk Golden roze bath soak not only gives a beautiful, glowing youthful look but is also beneficial in many ways. Nurture your natural beauty with Bellah roze bath silk golden roze bath soak.